Festa delle Castagne

Saturday 6 and
Sunday 7 October


During the first weekend of October, Castell’Arquato and its beautiful medieval surroundings hosts the “Festa delle Castagne e dei Ricordi” (Chestnuts and Memories Festival). The event, which has run for over 20 years, encompasses two days of fun and enables you to relive the flavours and atmosphere of traditional country life.

There are numerous food stands where you can taste local specialities, such as the characteristic “Basturlon”, traditional “Patona” and many other such typical delicacies which can all be washed down with a delicious glass of wine from Piacenza’s rolling hills. There is a vintage tractor and machinery show, which is not to be missed, including parades, tests of skills, exhibitions and markets for enthusiasts, collectors or just for those who are interested, where they are able to exchange mechanical parts and fittings which are nigh on impossible to find.

Festa delle Castagne di Castell'Arquato - Il Landini uno dei simboli della festa
tractors ...
Festa delle Castagne di Castell'Arquato - I trattori
For the duration of the festival vintage tractors animate the town. Landini, Bubba, Fiat will be heard throughout the valley. In addition to the tractors, other collectable items such as motorbikes, bicycles and machinery from our past will also be present.
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Gastronomy Flavours
For our visitors pleasure, there will be character re-enactments of old traditions and trades from a world which no longer exists. There will also be displays of old utensils.

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During the “Festa delle Castagne” you will be surrounded by tastes and smells that will remind you of the rural past, for example, the roasting of chestnuts on enormous braziers.

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The “Festa dell Castagne” also provides you with an opportunity to discover local produce. Not only will you find traditional wines but also cheese, honey and other surprises…

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